Tassel Time

The sun is poppin out these days, therefore spring/summer trends are poppin off.

As a shopaholic with an empty wallet I gotta get creative at times. Can’t resort to stealing (for obvious moral reasons) so I often ask myself – how can one keep their clout level 100 without blowing all their monies?

Well fam I got a tip for you~

While shopping around some local stores and the mall, I noticed a trend emerging. Everything tassel. Tassel jewelry is back. Tassel trimmed clothing is in. And you know what else? I want to be in.

So to make that happen, I waived my tassel fairy wand and POOF! voila, whipped up some #ontrend #onpoint ombre tassel earings in less than 30 min and for a grand total of $2. There must have been magic in the air because this DIY is also ecofriendly, as it includes upcycling some materials you may already have on hand.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s tassel time!

What you’re going to need are two old earrings ( I used earrings that no longer had their match), 6 rolls of embroidery thread ( I had some lying around the house), a needle, and a positive attitude (because duh)


To begin, you are going to need to remove any old charms connected to the earring hooks. This is quite easy to

Sayonara boring earrings!

do but small pliers may be needed if you want to avoid breaking a nail or a sweat.


Now it’s time to throw some shade. Time to get that obmre snatched. Begin by removing any paper and packaging from your embroidery floss. Next, unwind about 7 inches of floss from2 your skein and cut it off. Tie the cut string around the remainder of the skein of floss as shown in the photo.

Now grab your medium shade of embroidery floss. Remove any and all packaging from the skein. Once again, cut a string off from the skein and tie it around the center of the remaining skein like before.

Next, grab a needle and thread the string tied around the lightest skein into the needle. Poke the needle into the center of the medium shaded skein. You have now connected two tassels.


We are now almost done! Moving onto the top, outermost layer of the tassel earring, you need to grab the darkest shade of string. Once again cut a piece of string off from the skein. This time, fold the skein in half. Using the bit of string cut off, tie a bubble almost to the end of the middle fold of the yarn. This creates a real ~profesh~ tassel look (which we are aiming for).

Thread the now connected lighter two skeins of string through the darkest skein. At this point all three layers of colored thread should be connected. Tie the connector string to the earring hook and voila! One earring down, one more to go!


Once completed for both earring hooks, trim the excess thread to create a stacked ombre effect.

Now go and whip up a lil hair do to show them babies off! Live that excellent, ecofriendly, extra life!

Cheers ecofam,





Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, whose the greenest of them all?

What if it could be you! YAS YEW!

Roll up your sleeves, and get ready for this do it yourself mirror. This DIY tutorial, will guide you in making the most glamorously green mirror out there. If you like to pretend to be #rich, while simultaneously being environmentally friendly then hunny I am here to tell you that you CAN have it all. Just follow this tutorial below.

This tutorial popped into my head while wandering the isles of TJ Maxx. I was  entranced in a full on shopping blackout, when a full length mirror caught my eye. Despite being a full cart deep in a TJ Maxx trance I somehow resisted spending $100 on that mirror. Maybe you’ll get me next time TJ Maxx, but until then I’ll keep stackin’ those Benjamin’s in my bank account. Recovering from a TJ’s blackout, I figured I could still fulfil my mirror dreams by repurposing a mirror I already had. With a glass of wine in hand (still pretending to be #rich here), and some recycled cardboard this do it yourself project was born.


This DIY requires five simple items- a full length mirror (one of those basic kinds you probably already have works perfectly), some cardboard, contact paper, a pair of scissors, E6000 glue, and a ruler.

~Bonus~  adopt a pet to take mirror pics with (see above photo of my pup Blu making an appearance)!

1With supplies in hand you begin with measuring. Using your ruler, measure out strips of cardboard in your desired length and width. The goal is to cover the boarder of your mirror. I made my strips six inches in width, and long enough to fit5.jpg around the boarder of my mirror. You will need to measure out four strips of cardboard (see example photo on right). You want them to fit together like a puzzle. (This is where that math you learned in high school you thought you would never use FINALLY comes in). We will call these cut outs puzzle pieces.

Your cut outs are going to need to have 45 degree angles to fit together properly. Don’t know how to draw a perfect 45 degree angle? No problem, none of us are that perfect so I have devised a fool proof way to achieve this! To cut your corners at 45 degree angles, draw a square around the corner you need to cut. My width of my border was six inches so I drew a six inch by six inch square. Once the square is drawn, draw a line straight through the square. And voila! You now have made a 45 degree angle *insert high five*! Go ahead and cut along the line you drew through the middle. Repeat this process eight times, cutting all eight corners at 45 degree angles. Be mindful to pay attention to what way the puzzle piece needs to slant.

2Now that you have all of your puzzle pieces cut out, the fun part begins. Time to wrap those suckers in some contact paper. It’s a good thing that contact paper is essentially one gigantic sticker rolled up into a tube, because it makes it so easy to fake expensive things. To fake being #rich I use marble printed contact on essentially all surfaces in my house (see my blog post here Farble and Faux Fur for more info). Farble in hand, cut out a sheet large enough to wrap around each puzzle piece. Just like wrapping a Christmas present, cover the side of each puzzle piece in farble.

Your mirror is almost done! Now that everything is farbled up, assemble you puzzle along the border of your mirror. Glue each piece down using the E600 glue. Allow at least 30 minutes of dry time for this project. Side note- waiting for glue to dry pairs nicely with another glass of wine.

Once dry go ahead and hang up your beaut!


Now that your project is complete, back to the question-  mirror, mirror, on the wall, whose the greenest of them all?

You are, you little EcoKween!

Strike a pose, and capture all of your best #OOTD’s!

Share your mirror creations with me on Instagram @ecokween

~Hugs, kisses, and shameless selfies,






Who put the “k” in queen?


The phrase “kween” is tossed around social media and everywhere else I seem to turn. It truly feels like a win to finally find my name printed on those personalized keychains you find in stores. Although Kween is not really my name, it is very dear to my heart. I cannot tell you who truly coined the word, I can only tell you my relationship with it.

Back in 2012, while serving with CityYear- see my post on working with AmeriCorps, a student of mine wrote me an acrostics poem. Now, as a teacher and mentor figure, you’re told not to pick favorites but oops, I did anyways (it just happens). This poem was written and given to me by one of my favorite students- we will call him Little Ritchie.

The first day on the job, I walked through the doors of the middle school gymnasium and immediately, out of no where Little Ritchie appeared and was attached to my hip. He was a seventh grade student, cunning like a little leprechaun, with an evil little laugh which bubbled out of him regularly.

As I co-taught Little Ritchie’s English as a Second Language class our bond grew stronger. He progressed throughout the  school year with ease, as academics came naturally to him. One day he handed me a piece of folded up paper. Inside, written on it was a poem.

Little Ritchie had written an acrostics poem featuring both of our names. The letter “K” for my name stood for kween. I guess that was his way of making the word queen fit into the piece because later on he told me he copied parts of the poem out of a book (insert face palm).


Over the time I spent with Little Ritchie we shared a myriad  amount of meaningful moments. This poem represents the collection of them I now hold as memories. The bond I formed with students like Little Ritchie made working long hours in a school so beyond worth it.  However, just as fast as he appeared behind those gymnasium doors, he disappeared. No one has seen him since.

The word kween has stuck with me throughout the years and has become adopted as my nick name. It inspires me to continue to seek opportunities that make meaningful bonds like the ones I made while serving with AmeriCorps. It also inspires me to move forward in life with confidence, because one cannot slouch while wearing the crown of a kween.

Until next,

Share with me what inspires you to live like the kweens we all are

Hiring: A job with benefits


Thick red bomber jacket, timberland boots, and khaki pants- probably the worst uniform for a place like Miami, FL, but each day I still wore it with pride. The best part about this uniform was not the amount of candy that its pockets could store, but the journey it represents. Despite being an unflattering shade of red, this red jacket littered with student’s signatures is the biggest statement piece I will ever own in my closet.

My red jacket, earned through over 1,700 service hours represents the work that AmeriCorps programs like CityYear do each day. CityYear service members work to bridge the gap between teacher and student, providing mentorship for struggling students in efforts to decrease the nation’s dropout rate.

Check out a day in the life of my CityYear team

On a self-seeking level, CityYear allowed me the opportunity to move across the country from Portland, OR to Miami, FL with a job lined up for me upon my arrival (talk about job security). Although CityYear didn’t pay stacks, it provided a benefits that have stretched well beyond the year I spent serving alongside the Miami Dade Public School System. Through my devotion and completion of my year of service I opened myself up to a platform of people willing to help me out when it came time to apply for a job or college. I developed meaningful relationships with people who are working together to change the world. As a young person, I was believed in.

I encourage any young person, who may be struggling at their current position in life to think about serving with AmeriCorps. AmeriCorps is hiring with benefits. AmeriCorps is like the little sister to the PeaceCorps- a smaller commitment, but still highly regarded and valuable to our nation. Our home turf benefits from work done by AmeriCorps members, you could be one of them. AmeriCorps is an opportunity for people to serve their community (in literally almost any city in America) while earning a monthly living stipend and college scholarship.

I created this blog to focus on reducing the waste on our planet. Programs like CityYear make sure that students make it to high school graduation and are not wasted due to poverty. CityYear empowers young people. As an AmeriCorps member you become conscious and empathetic. I cannot sum up in words how much my time with AmeriCorps has meant to me, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about it.

You can be the next advocate for change. If you are seeking financial aid for college or student debt relief  (lets be honest, who isn’t) look into AmeriCorps. If you are looking to travel, look into AmeriCorps. If you are looking to give back, look into AmeriCorps.

AmeriCorps is hiring and they offer benefits. Apply today.


Farble and Faux Fur

Alright everybody. Pinky’s up for this post.

If you are aspiring to have a Pinterest-worthy home that would rival the set of The Great Gatsby, all for the low. Then this is for you.

Got 20 minutes to spare? I am going to show you how to make some golden bar stools that glam up any space. These babies shine bright like a Bad Girl RiRi diamond, and certainly do not disappoint.

These stools are also eco friendly (insert hair flip) as I have used  second hand bar stools and fabric. I encourage all of you to use pre-loved furniture as it is much more affordable and reduces waste. What’s old can be made new again with a little creativity.

What you are going to need are two or more barstools, faux fur fabric (I repurposed fabric from an old costume), gold paint or gold spray paint, a paint brush, marble contact paper, a staple gun, scissors, and a tape measure.1 All items pictured are inexpensive and can all be purchased from Walmart. If you do not have a staple gun, I recommend asking a handy neighbor to borrow one!

Step One:

Your first step in the process will be to spray paint or paint the legs of your barstools. I chose the color gold. In the photo above, I used spray paint to paint the legs of the bar stool and acrylic paint to paint the seat of the bar stool. If you look closely the legs are a little more shiny and reflective.  I would advise using the spray paint method. It is quicker, fool proof and hello- the shinier the better.

Step Two:

Once dry, cut out enough faux fur fabric to cover the seat of one barstool. Once cut out, lay the fabric on your workspace right side down. This means lay the fuzzy part down and touching the floor. The underbelly of your faux fur hide should be facing you. This is where the fun begins- staple time! Pick up your staple gun and begin stapling the faux fur to the underside of the seat. This is super quick and easy to do!

Internally screaming over the outcome of this gorge stool

Step Three:

Now, open up that marble contact paper. I call this stuff farble! It is basically a giant sticker that gives the appearance of glamorous marble but in an awesomely fake form. Farble is a great dupe for the broke and boujee. Farble and faux fur  make a gorgeous pair.

Now, taking your other barstool, trace the seat of the barstool on the back of the farble paper.

Step Four:

Using your handy tape measure, measure the diameter of the seat of your barstool as well as the width. Cut out a strip of farble paper that matches those measurements.

Steps three and four shown above

Step Five:

Now that both pieces of the farble are cut out, its time to peel and stick! I recommend adhering the  seat sticker first. Simply peel back the backing of the farble and stick your sticker right onto the seat! Made a mistake? No worries! Farble is very forgiving. Simply unpeel and try again. Once adhered to your liking, stick on the trip piece of farble. Be sure to smooth out any air bubbles.


Step Six:

Marvel at your new masterpiece! It is a true pièce de résistance(anything in French just seems more fancy)!

Step Seven:

Enjoy your upcycled furniture. Take pride in it- show it off on the ‘gram, take a selfie on it, sit down and unwind with a drink (they ain’t called barstools for nothin), however you rejoice take pride in the fact that you have made an upcycled project that is glam AF!

Until next time,

Pinky’s up EcoKweens

Who is EcoKween?

Hello there, nice to meet you!

Let me introduce myself-

Bio pic

My name is Kira. I have started this blog to uphold myself to my commitment to creating less waste and living more sustainably. I am a senior at Florida State University studying Environmental Science, with a double major called being stone broke.

If you are also a broke babe raise your hand- if your hand is up read on and join me in the pursuit of a fabulously green life. I curate my ideas to combine consciousness with creativity so that being broke and sustainable never means boring. I am here to share my ideas on sustainable fashion/food/fun/ while also learning about yours.

So let’s raise a glass of organic, locally crafted, microbrew kombucha and toast to taking sustainability to the most extra level!